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Name: Kaito Toranosuke/ Héctor Díaz

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Student

Height: 1,90m

Weight: 78 kg

Hair Color:  Black

Hair Type: Short

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: White

Nationality: Spanish/Japanese

School: Youhei Academy

Year: 1st

Distinguishing Features: A scar on his forehead that was made by fighting with a monkey, when he was only four years old.

Hero/Villain Profile

Hero/villain Name: Great Chimera

Costume: A green mask, black tank top, green vest, combat gloves, black pants and special sports shoes.

Quirk: Hybrid Theory

Weapons: None

Gadgets/Tech: My communicator


Likes: Animals, Internet, Anime, Manga, History, Good Music...

Dislikes: Spiders, Politicians, Assholes...

Habits: Every Sunday afternoon, I take advantage of my day off and catch up with my anime and manga, all thanks to the Spoiler-Zero application, which avoids the appearance of any spoilers.

Fears: Spiders and Politicians


Romantic Interests: My girlfriend, Raquel Alba. She has the quirk, Solidification, which allows herself to solidify any material to a point of resistance just like hard steel. However, it can not solidify herself or living beings. She usually works at a martial arts academy founded by her grandfather.

Allies: My best friend, the pro hero Kong. He has the quirk, Jungle King, which allows him to control animals and provides him with a force above average. However, if he controls more than a hundred animals at the same time, once his attack is over, he will return to a primitive state and behave like a caveman for twenty minutes. Basically it's a mix between the Animal Voice of Kouda and the side effect of Kaminari's Electrification.

Rivals: Yuki Samui, one of my classmates and with the nickname of Helheim The Frozen King. He has the quirk, Great Blizzard, which allows him to summon a great blizzard to freeze his enemies, and can increase the range of his blizzard, if his body is cold enough, meaning that the colder his body, the stronger his Quirk become.

Enemies: None Yet

Physical Weaknesses: Unknown

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: I hold back my power in fear of seriously hurting others around me.


Name of my quirk: HYBRID THEORY

Description: I can copy the abilities of some animals and become a powerful Chimera. After copying an animal's abilities, I can reuse them whenever I want.

Strength: By copying the powers of animals, my physical strength is higher than normal. However, even in my human form, my body experiences a rapid change in hormones and gives me a more athletic and resistent complexion and a better memory and concentration.

Weaknesses: Despite being a very versatile and powerful Quirk, it has three major weaknesses or ''flaws''...

1. To copy the power of an animal, I need a sample of his DNA, which may be hair, blood, sweat or a piece of meat, however, if the genetic sample is not consumed in one hour, it will not copy the skills and I will need a new sample. However, I can only copy the powers of vertebrate animals (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish), if I could copy all the animals, it would be too powerful.

2. Despite copying the abilities of any animal, I must keep them as controlled as I can, since if I decide to use all the skills at the same time, I become a hybrid beast that only seeks to fight strong opponents, due to the desire to be the Supreme Predator and I will not return to normal, until after four hours.

3. In my Chimera form, I can only use three animal powers at the same time, but if I train hard, the limit will increase little by little, until many years later, I will be able to control animal abilities in my human form.

What age did I obtain it: When I was two.

How I did obtain it: When I copy the abilities of my dog.

My Hero Academia OC

Template Creator:…

By the way, I have changed the questions to first person and make as if my OC, answer them by itself.



No journal entries yet.


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